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  • Kuba Mask

    Kuba Mask

    According to the origins recounted in certain Kuba masking traditions, the creators of Kuba masks had initial encounters with a supernatural being known as “ngesh” while venturing into the forest. These encounters often resulted in a period of disorientation, followed by the return home of the individuals, who then proceeded to carve representations of the…

  • Soniok


    The article discusses the traditional ornaments worn by Pokot girls and women in Kenya. The large necklace, known as soniok, is made from a variety of coloured glass beads and leather spacers. It is worn by circumcised Pokot girls and married women from the time they leave circumcision seclusion. In contrast, the string arm ornament adado, covered…

  • Fulani Hat

    Fulani Hat

    Originating from the Fulani people in West Africa, the Fulani hat is a distinctive conical fiber hat adorned with leather accents. This article explores the characteristics of this traditional headwear primarily worn by the Wodaabe, a nomadic subgroup of the Fulani. Often paired with a turban, the Fulani hat showcases a unique blend of basketry,…

  • Wodaabe’s headdress

    Wodaabe’s headdress

    The headdress originating from the Wodaabe tribe showcases a charming simplicity, crafted with a soft cotton fabric. Its main body features a padded headband embellished with a gracefully curved metal charm resembling a bow. On either side of the headband, three lengthy strips of fabric have been attached, serving as fastening elements to secure the…

  • Daasanach Tribe’s Trash Treasure

    Daasanach Tribe’s Trash Treasure

    In the realm of exemplifying the age-old adage, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” few examples rival the ingenuity displayed by the Daasanach tribe residing in Ethiopia’s Omo Valley. With a remarkable blend of creativity and environmental consciousness, they have discovered an extraordinary way to transform discarded waste into awe-inspiring headwear. Using scavenged bottle…

  • Karo Tribe: Rich Cultural Heritage

    Karo Tribe: Rich Cultural Heritage

    Adult content The southern region of Ethiopia, known as the Lower Omo Valley, is a place where numerous tribes have resided for centuries, as reported by Nomad Africa. Among these tribes, the Karo, also referred to as Kara, stand out with their distinctive cultural practices and traditions. Despite being the smallest ethnic group in Ethiopia,…